Optimization at the stage of the site creation

Now it is difficult to imagine a team of professional developers without UX designers, testers, and even more so – programmers. After all, a technical component worked out to the smallest detail and a user-friendly interface are the basic criteria for a high-quality website.

But there is a third cornerstone of development, which is not remembered by everyone. This is the basic search engine optimization of a website. SEO at the stage of website creation greatly simplifies and accelerates its further promotion. Therefore, if you consider search results as one of the main traffic channels for a future resource, we recommend that you involve an SEO specialist in the development.

Why website optimization is needed at the development stage

  • If at the time of launch the resource is already optimized for the requirements of search engines, it receives the following benefits:
  • shorter time spent in the sandbox – positions, and therefore targeted traffic from search, will start to grow much faster;
  • saving time on internal optimization – by ordering SEO services after launching the site, you no longer have to waste time on basic optimization;
  • cost savings – If the site has been optimized during development, you will need less SEO budget.
  • accelerated payback – the rapid growth of positions will allow you to receive income from an Internet resource much earlier, which speeds up the return on investment in development and promotion.

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and use more and more new factors to assess the quality of the site and its content.

Therefore, the sphere of responsibility of the optimizer is no longer limited to technical improvements and semantics.

Modern SEO is primarily about increasing the attractiveness and usefulness of a site for its target visitors. Optimizers improve the structure and content of the site, which has a positive effect on behavioral factors and page conversion.

Therefore, SEO at the stage of creating a website allows not only to increase the number of clicks from search, but also to keep users on the site more efficiently, as well as to stimulate them to take the target action – buying, calling, ordering, etc. This has a positive effect on the effectiveness of all marketing channels. which will be used on the site.

What basic optimization includes

We figured out the benefits of SEO-optimization of sites at the development stage. But what exactly does this process imply? Consider the main aspects of the work of an SEO specialist when creating a website.

Analytics stage

Website development without a thorough analysis of the niche and target audience is unthinkable. But analysts, as a rule, rarely pay attention to the features of search engine promotion in the studied niche.

An SEO specialist”s job is to study the competitive resources and search traffic in a niche.


  • the effectiveness of search engine promotion in a niche;
  • potential reach of SEO as a customer channel;
  • features of technical optimization of resources;
  • the level of optimization of the main competitors of the project;
  • features of content and link mass;
  • audience activity depending on the season;
  • key mistakes of competitive resources.

Based on this information, he draws up a plan for further work on the site, recommendations and terms of reference for other specialists. In addition, a comprehensive analysis allows you to make a detailed forecast of SEO efficiency for a site, as well as the speed of its promotion.

Formation of the semantic core

One of the most important tasks of the optimizer is to reach the maximum number of search queries in search, for which the resource will receive targeted traffic. For this, it is necessary to form the most complete semantic core (SY). But simply collecting such requests is not enough. It is important to cluster them (group by topic), and also distribute them across the site so that users can easily find the content they need.

On the basis of the ready-made language, the optimizer draws up technical specifications for writing content for key landing pages. In addition, for the efficient distribution of semantics, it is necessary to form a resource structure.

Technical optimization

Not all technical SEO errors on the site are visible to the user or significantly affect the correctness of the resource. Therefore, during testing, they are rarely paid attention to.

But such flaws can harm the site”s position in the search. For example, due to an error in robot.txt, some pages may not be included in the index – search engines simply will not see them. Therefore, in the process of working on a project, an SEO specialist provides technical optimization of the resource: he conducts regular checks and draws up recommendations and technical specifications for programmers.

Works with text content

Optimizing text content is a very important aspect of SEO work at the stage of website development. Content affects both the position of the site and the behavioral indicators of its visitors.

An SEO specialist draws up a technical specification for content so that the author takes into account the following criteria:

  • the intention of the user – first of all, the text should benefit the visitor, provide the necessary and useful information in a convenient form.
  • the purpose of the text – the content should perform a specific task: to inform, sell, stimulate the sharing of contact information, etc.
  • keywords – it is important that the text fully responds to the group of queries for which the page is optimized;
  • technical requirements are criteria for checking text in specialized services, namely: uniqueness, density of key occurrences, water content, etc.

Optimization of texts even at the stage of creating sites allows you to significantly save time and effort on further processing of content after the launch of the resource.

Also at this stage, optimizers create unique meta tags for each page, which has a positive effect on the position of the resource.

Drawing up recommendations for building link mass

To speed up further promotion, an SEO specialist makes a list of donor sites, links from which will be most valuable for external optimization. To do this, it analyzes the link profile of competitors, as well as the most trusted information resources in your niche.

Be careful when building your link building early on. A jump in your link profile can incur search engine sanctions. Therefore, the optimizer must carefully plan the dynamics of backlink placement so that the profile looks organic.

Implementation of SEO recommendations during development

Let”s consider how exactly the optimizer interacts with the development team at the main stages of resource creation.

Design. In the process of creating a layout for a future site, an SEO specialist participates in the formation of the structure of the pages and the resource itself. This allows you to take into account the features of content optimization and linking in advance.

Design. Work with a UX Optimizer specialist to thoroughly check the layouts. When creating a design, it is important to ensure the maximum conversion of pages, as well as the ability to place all the necessary content.

Layout. The key requirement of search engines for layout is adaptability. The site should be adapted not only for the PC. It is important that it also displays correctly on other types of user devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Programming. At this stage, it is very important to prevent SEO flaws on the site. Namely: to ensure correct indexing, avoid duplicate content, broken links and incorrect redirects.

Testing. At the testing stage, an SEO specialist conducts a final comprehensive audit of the resource in order to make sure that all the previous stages are completed.

Launch. It is important to choose the correct domain name and hosting for the resource before launching the website. This may affect the effectiveness of further promotion in search, as well as the correctness of the site.

Of course, the involvement of the optimizer in development can slow down the project. But only if the development team did not have to take into account the features of SEO for sites before. Therefore, when choosing a contractor for the development of a website, we recommend choosing a company in advance that can provide effective basic optimization when creating a website.

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